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The preferred way to pay for most services or products provided by the P&C is via the online system QkR (pronounced ‘Quicker’).


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About QkR:

  • Owned by MasterCard, it enables payment from most financial institutions and major credit cards with safe and secure MasterCard Technology.
  • Access it via an app on your smartphone or via its website on a computer.
  • Set up your account to draw money from your credit or debit card, or pre-load credit into your QkR account.

What types of purchases can I make with QkR?

  • Canteen lunch orders (note that students use cash to buy over-the-counter snacks & drinks during the lunch break on Thursdays)
  • Lunch bags
  • Uniforms
  • Disco / event tickets

What can’t I purchase with QkR?

  • Anything organised by the school (rather than the P&C), such as excursions.

Why does the P&C use QkR?

  • It delivers an easy and secure payment system.
  • It offers great flexibility to parents who need to make payments while on-the-go, rather than physically being on the school campus.
  • It reduces the administration by the P&C volunteers enormously, enabling them to focus their efforts in other areas.

Get Started – download VAPS QkR flyer

More Information

Use the tip sheets below for troubleshooting or to make use of advanced features:

Adding or deleting payment cards

Adding multiple cards

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Keeping track of my payments

How are refunds processed?

Uploading a photo of my child

Reason for having a child's photo on the app

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Can I copy food orders from week to week?

How can I be sure my child's food order has been received by the school?

Using the calendar when ordering

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